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Configuring the ‘WP Mail SMTP’ plugin

WordPress has a few SMTP modules you can use to constrain any FROM address you like. This is significant for two significant reasons:

It permits you to send an email straightforwardly through your mail server rather than the webserver. This assists with forestalling issues with Sender Domain Policy and Spoofing.

It permits you to send email FROM another email have. For instance, you can utilize your GMAIL address as the FROM email rather than your DreamHost address

  • One mainstream module alternative is WP Mail SMTP. This article strolls you through how to design this module.
  • On the off chance that you need to utilize a Gmail address to send from your WordPress site, see the accompanying article.

Designing the ‘WP Mail SMTP’ module with Gmail


In the WordPress dashboard, click ‘Modules > Add New’ in the left sheet.

Quest for wp-mail-SMTP. It can likewise be found here.

  • Snap the Install button, then Activate.
    After it’s introduced and actuated, explore to the ‘Modules’ page in your WordPress dashboard.

  • 01 WP Mail SMTP.png
  • Click the ‘Settings’ tab in this plugin.
    02 WP Mail SMTP.png
  • Fill in the accompanying fields:


  • From Email -Enter the email you wish to send FROM


  • Power From Email -Check this case


  • From Name -Enter a name you’d prefer to show up as being sent FROM


  • Power From Name -Check this on the off chance that you wish to compel the FROM name


  • Mailer -Choose ‘Other SMTP’


  • Return Path -Check this case
  • Look down to the ‘Next SMTP’ area. Try to flip the ‘Confirmation’ button.


  • SMTP Host


  • Encryption -Use TLS encryption


  • SMTP Port -587


  • Username -Enter your DreamHost email address


  • Password -Enter your email address secret key


  • Snap the Save Settings button.


  • Your structure will presently send FROM the email you entered previously.


  • The module specifies that you should add the accompanying lines to your wp-config.php record.


  • characterize( ‘WPMS_ON’, genuine );


  • characterize( ‘WPMS_SMTP_PASS’, ‘your_password’ );


  • Try not to include these. Including these will forestall the module from sending.

Test this plugin

Look to the top and snap the ‘Email Test’ tab. Snap the Send Email button to test. You should see it was sent effectively.

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