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A beautiful website is redundant if your customers can’t find it. A successful SEO strategy designed around searcher intent can take your traffic, and your business, to a whole new level.

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Digital marketing continues to grow at lightning speed, as marketing agencies, or marketing departments rush to grab the best talent. Whilst marketing agencies can spot the right skills they need from a mile away, small to medium businesses might struggle to identify the skills they need.

In digital, there may be specific expertise you need, or someone with a strong mix. You don’t have to struggle through the skills shortage, scrape the bottom of the freelance marketing barrel or pay through the nose to get someone good. The Philippines has a massive talent pool of brilliant digital marketers – most of them trained and certified overseas.

It’s no wonder The Philippines is developing great digital talent. In the Hootsuite and We Are Social report, Digital 2019, Filipinos topped the list of internet users in the world. They spend 10:02 hours a day online on various devices. The report, which studied the online behaviour of internet users worldwide, said social media penetration in the Philippines is at 71%. This is much higher than the world average of 45%. There are roughly 76 million internet users here and they are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more.

Digital marketing outsourcing is a smart place to put your marketing budget. You can hire a digital marketer and a content developer – effectively for the price of one local digital marketing hybrid.

Build a marketing team without burdensome costs

The cost of running a business is already high.

For marketing agencies to capitalise on the growing demand from clients for integrated campaigns, they must hire. Hiring content developers, SEO and PPC specialists offshore, agencies can offer more services – at a lower cost to business. This will also mean freeing up time to grow client relationships, while you have a trusted team activating on plans offshore.

For those businesses that understand just how critical it is to do business online, finally building a marketing team couldn’t be easier.


Digital marketing strategists are just as effective offshore

A digital marketing strategist is well-versed in search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, email marketing and much more. Offering research, analytics and recommendations, a strategist can help fill the role of a digital marketing manager or leader if you don’t have one (or can’t afford one locally) in your business. They can take the lead in marketing campaigns – overseeing graphic artists, web designers, copywriters and other members of the marketing team – from idea to execution.

Options are aplenty – but needn’t be confusing. Staff Domain will help you develop the perfect job description after spending some time with you to form a specific brief. You will have support and guidance at every step of the way.
Stay on top of your campaigns

Your digital marketing employee or entire team may be offshore, but you’ll be apprised of day-to-day activities and how your digital marketing efforts are performing. Receive reports and analyses that monitor your KPIs and help inform future strategies.

Better still, use some of the excellent cloud-based project management tools and see campaign updates in real time.

Your dedicated team is available for calls, quick huddles, or regular meetings anytime you wish. Use Staff Domain’s state-of-the-art tech facilities for zoom or Skype catch-ups or planning sessions. Your work-in-progress meetings will feel like they’re in your own meeting room.

Digital marketing outsourcing offers a unique opportunity to your marketing agency, or marketing function in a small to medium business. Staff Domain will help you form the ideal job description for your unique business case scenario. From there, we will recruit the best talent to deliver high quality work at a lower cost than you can ever achieve locally.




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