In the seven years in my career, one of my main role is managing sales. In that time I’ve managed thousands of leads and inquiries, and the one question that I came across multiple times is “How much does a website actually cost?”. We all like tidy answers and easy ways to compare option A with option B. Complicated answers are extremely frustrating when we’re trying to make a decision basically – I get it, I really do. Unfortunately, websites (and the digital strategies connected to them) are getting more and more complex every year.

How much does a website actually cost? It depends.
There are four types of business websites and How to choose the right website option?

Websites aren’t products anymore like they were within the days of brochure sites and HTML inline styles. With the diversification of search behavior to incorporate social media (did you recognize that YouTube is that the second-largest program on the web?), and therefore the increasingly noisy landscape of content marketing, websites are not any longer an easily answered question.

Businesses now have a number of CMS, DIY, and Hosted website options to settle on from, which all accompany their pros and cons. answering the question “how much does site cost?” question, we first need to determine which solution most closely fits your business needs.

Four types of websites:
There are four main sorts of websites, suitable for different goals, budgets, and in-house technical capabilities.

a) Hosted Websites are website applications that you simply pay a monthly or yearly fee to use, and are available bundled with specific templates, content management, and optimizations. Some popular samples of hosted website solutions are SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify, Clickfunnel, Ontraport, etc

b) DIY Websites are usually open-source CMS websites – One of the popular CMS is WordPress – which you put in on your own hosting and use purchased “themes or custom design with required plug-ins for functionality” from various marketplaces. These themes come full of color options, page and post templates, and other features that allow you to create your own website as per your requirement.

c) Page Builder Websites are another sort of DIY website, but with even more DIY-ness but much less technical know-how. Using mostly used plugins like Visual Composer, JS composer, Elementor, or Divi, you’ll effectively build your site using preformatted content blocks. It is just like drag and drop options.

d) Custom Websites are sites effectively built from “scratch to end” with the help of agencies or freelancers who will define 3 to 4 steps in terms to complete your project from designing to testing. they will be built on open-source, licensed, or maybe fully custom CMS platforms.

Hosted Website:
Low cost $15 – $300/month only
Easy setup and great customer support

DIY Websites
Low cost $50-100 + Hosting (usually $10-$50/month) With a developer’s help: $500-$3000 + Hosting

Page Builder Website
It can cost around $50-100 (for the theme) + $50/year (for the plugin) + Hosting (usually $10-$50/month) With a developer’s help: $1500-$6000 + Hosting

Custom Websites
Small Agency (3 to 5 people): $8-12K
Mid-Size Agency (7 to 10 people): $12-24K
Large Agency (15 to 20 people): $25-50K
Enterprise Level Agency (20+ people): $50-100K

I hope I’ve helped answer the “how much does a website actually cost?” question for you. What kind of website is best for your business depends on where you’re at now, your goals are, and how fast you want to achieve the target. Looking for small hits on Search engine performance is not a big deal when you’re a brand new site with zero domain or page authority. Building out your content and authority not essential for a high-end custom site, especially if your keyword goals are based on high volume search queries.
Hosted Websites
DIY Websites
Page Builder Websites
Custom Websites