Approximately 70% of websites have a common reason for a graph upscale to an increased bounce rate. Do you know that reason? If you’re thinking that the main reason is design, then you might be correct. An outdated or old design, poorly crafted content and slow loading speed are enough to drop a negative impression on visitors landing on the website. Whenever a website becomes slow and takes more time to load, it depreciates the profit. How? It happens because conversion rates are decreased.

It has become important to maintain a balance between website design layout, the quality of the content, and the time taken by web pages to load. Without balancing the on-website media, one might not achieve the desired results. Hence, approaching a company offering

– Compressing image size
If you are using videos and many images into the website it may turn in slow loading speed. where people can lose their interest in moving ahead or spending time on site. No-one will wait for minutes to find their information rather they will prefer to go on other websites. So better we do the image optimization so that it loads fast and users can get their information fast and easily.

Solution: I suggest to use optimized images. For example, use the correct ratio of the images. Google provides the option to compress the size of the images and use them in your website. Image optimization can be done through plug-in as well.

– Crisp home page design
A home page is a page where users’ first land from this page only user will decide the next click or step. On this page, we add the main information about the company and add the contact details. Adding the number of videos and images into the site won’t be useful unless user don’t find it worthy or doesn’t relate to their needs.

Solution: Go for custom design and add separate sections to the website. Make sure to make it complete mobile responsive.

– Remove the unwanted plug-ins
Sometimes we load the unnecessary plug-ins into site which results in slow loading speed.

Solution: Opt for necessary plug-ins only which are useful for the site and helping to perform better and helping in the functionality as well. Rets of the plug-ins I suggest removing which are not playing any role in the site’s functionality.

– Reduce HTTP Requests
The more the HTTP requests on the server the slow the loading rate of the website.
Whenever a browser will search for any image HTTP files are enlisted in the count. So one should reduce the rate of these requests.

Solution: We use a plugin called WP-rocket to decrease the HTTP request.

– Be Constant with Text-Image Combinations
The combination of the text and image works a lot and we need to create all this material carefully. The color, font, and sectioning of these blocks should be done carefully.

Solution: There should not be much blank space on the web page. We should do the section for the text and image to be used on the page so that users don’t miss any information which can help them to take the decision wisely and easily.

So these were just a few tips that I wanted to share with you. I really hope they will be helpful to you only if you follow them :p :)