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KimKstar Website Terms and Conditions of Use PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SITE. By using this site, you make sure that you agree with the listed Terms and Conditions. If you do not want these Terms and Conditions, then I suggest not to use this website. KimKstar can modify or change these Terms and Conditions at anytime without any notice.

Protection of Information
Internet transmissions are never completely private and secure. You fully aware of it that any message or communication you send us by any website can be read or intercepted by others. Moreover, Password should be secure and make sure not to share with anyone else. If you give access to your computer to someone else then you should LOG OUT from the KimKstar web site and close your browser window when you are done. KimKstar will not be responsible for any loss and damage whatsoever caused through the use of the KimKstar web site.

We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that we take all the required steps to protect your privacy. We suggest to go through with the Privacy Statement so that you understand what kind of information we gather from our site and the specific steps that we take to protect your private information once we have stored it. With time goes and in line with customer expectations, our privacy policies and procedures will be reviewed and, if appropriate, will be updated.

Your Information
At any KimKstar Online Service Applications, we understand and share our customers’ concerns about how personal information is collected, used and shared. We make sure that we will always manage your private information safely and carefully.

Why we collect information
The private info that we collect from you is in most cases supplied by you when you fill your details, place a service request for your warranty/non warranty item, place an order or share your feedback to us. Basically, the info that we ask includes your name, business name, address, email address,  phone numbers, IP address etc. If you place a service request we also require and gather information that relates to your service request.

How we collect this information
When you place an order or Login your details with us for any online support or service, we save that information for future records. This actually will save your time whenever you will place any another service request or shop with us again in future as you will not have to again fill the information. Sometimes we can add to your personal information, information gathered from external sources etc. This is basically followed in terms to verify the accuracy of the information we have and, again, to personalise and improve our service.

Sharing Information
Who we may share your information with? We might need to share the personal details like your name, business name, address and contact number to companies which perform parts of our service delivery. This includes organisations like the manufacturer(s) of the item/s that you claim, major delivery companies, mail houses and third party fulfilment contractors.

We may also share your personal details to Microsoft Mobile Corporation your private data which is necessary to respond to your requests and for managing and improving warranty, repair and other care related services and processes. In that case Microsoft Mobile will process your personal data in accordance with Microsoft Mobile’s privacy policy available through Microsoft Mobile website. Microsoft Mobile company can contact you in terms to repair services and to get feedback or comments about the services.

We will take all required steps to store your private info securely. Basically, we want you to feel confident and secure in dealing with us on the Internet. For most of our clients we realise this is an unfamiliar way of buying products and getting any services. Only few employees in our Call Centre, Customer Service and IT areas have access to our customers’ private information, and only under strict controls and guidelines. Our e-commerce websites follow a process called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL will lock all critical information passed from you to us, Like payment information, in an encrypted envelope, making it extremely difficult for this information to be intercepted.

About Cookies… and how they work
If you land on our sites and your browser settings accept cookies, we consider this as acceptance of our use of cookies. These are very small files that are sent to and stored in your computer by the websites you visit. Cookies are stored in your browser’s file directory only. Next time when ever you land on the site, your browser will read the cookie and relate the information back to the website or element that originally set the cookie. To learn more about these technologies and how they work in actual, please check e.g. allaboutcookies.org When you interact with us on the Internet our system will automatically will send you a cookie. These cookies are essential for running our web sites and are the key to providing you a seamless experience on internet. You can navigate uninterrupted like. by storing language and country choices that you’ve made and by preserving authentication to safe parts of the domain. These cookies will also store your contact details and email ID when you return to our site for any other service options in future.

Links to other web sites
KimKstar provides links to websites outside of the KimKstar site . These linked sites are not under the control of KimKstar and KimKstar is not responsible for the privacy practices of sites that are linked to this site via hyperlinks, banner advertising or otherwise. We suggest to please check everytime whose site you are actually visiting. For your convenience, the KimKstar web site may include links to site on the Internet which are owned, published and maintained by third parties. Please note that such linked sites are not under our control, and therefore KimKstar cannot assume any responsibility for the content of such linked sites. Links to the KimKstar web site are prohibited without the consent of KimKstar.